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A blog. The internet does not have enough blogs so I thought I would do my part and create one more.

föstudagur, desember 19, 2008

Xmas Time

I decided to clean house. So, I deleted almost everything from this blog.

Lot's of stuff from years ago that does not cut mustard anymore.

mánudagur, mars 13, 2006

Annual check up

Annual check up
Originally uploaded by a blog.

mánudagur, febrúar 14, 2005



Winter is the season for renovations.

It helps if you are handy.

Self renovations are great, your remove stuff done by a professional.
Screw up installation of new stuff by yourself.

Good news is that your stuff is likely easier to remove than the
original. So, when the next owner gets a professional to undo your mess,
it will be easier than if you never started.

Motto of self renovations, do it cheap cause you will likely do it

There is a great feeling of satisifaction until the tiles peel.

sunnudagur, nóvember 21, 2004



I was making supper and I was sure that I saw Andy Rooney's face in my
chopped chicken (http://www.lilydale.com).

Why does raw chicken have a web site ? They have four sections of
frequently asked questions (FAQS): Shopping 101, Storage 101, Preparing
and Cooking 101 and Nutrition 101. No guidance on Mr. Rooney's image in
my chicken. Must be an advanced FAQ thing but with it being the weekend
I doubted that anyone would answer their email contactus@lilydale.com or
their fax 780-473-0020 or their toll free number 800-661-5341. Yes, my
chicken has a website, fax, email and an 800 number. And as you can see,
it is indeed dead.

I did the proper thing that one does in these circumstances - I cooked

I am gonna make coffee now, a latte specifically but maybe an expresso.
Or I'll go to Timmies. If I am lazy, I'll have a diet pepsi.

Must go nature calls.

Mobile send via my Treo

The world needs more blogs.

We just haven’t reached the point of fulfilment. It is clear that we need more words on day to day life deposited into the Internet. I am here, ready willing and able to do my part. So come on back y’all.

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